Mexico, a Vibrant Hub for NetSuite Experts

Discover how Mexico has become a NetSuite hub, leveraging its power to drive growth and streamline operations.

by Victor Fernandez


July 18, 2023

In recent years, Mexico has emerged as a vibrant hub for NetSuite, a leading cloud-based business management software suite. The country's growing economy, coupled with the increasing adoption of cloud technology, has paved the way for both large and small enterprises to leverage the power of NetSuite. In this article, we will showcase how four businesses in Mexico that have achieved remarkable growth using NetSuite. Furthermore, we will delve into the expertise and skills possessed by individuals in the Mexican NetSuite community and highlight why Mexican talent can be invaluable in the US market.

Some of the companies that had success implementing NetSuite

Success stories with NetSuite

Linio, a leading e-commerce platform in Mexico, successfully implemented NetSuite to support its rapid growth and streamline its operations. By utilizing NetSuite's cloud-based platform, Linio gained a centralized system for managing its financials, sales, inventory, and customer data. NetSuite's integrated suite of applications enabled Linio to automate key processes, enhance inventory management, and deliver a seamless shopping experience to its customers. With real-time insights provided by NetSuite, Linio improved operational efficiency and scalability, driving its success in the competitive e-commerce market.

Coppel, one of Mexico's largest retail companies, embraced NetSuite to optimize its operations and support its growth. By implementing NetSuite's integrated suite of applications, including financial management, inventory control, and customer relationship management (CRM), Coppel achieved improved visibility into its supply chain, streamlined order fulfillment, and enhanced customer service. NetSuite's scalability and real-time reporting capabilities enabled Coppel to make data-driven decisions and respond quickly to market changes.

Divine Chocolate, a renowned chocolate company with operations in Mexico, turned to NetSuite to streamline its business processes. By utilizing NetSuite's comprehensive suite of applications, including financial management, inventory control, and order management, Divine Chocolate achieved improved visibility into its supply chain, optimized inventory levels, and enhanced order fulfillment. NetSuite's robust reporting and analytics capabilities empowered Divine Chocolate to make data-driven decisions and drive operational efficiency, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Grupo Lala, a leading Mexican dairy company, adopted NetSuite to enhance its financial management and supply chain processes. By leveraging NetSuite's capabilities, Grupo Lala achieved better control over its financial operations, improved transparency across its supply chain, and gained real-time insights into its business performance. NetSuite's flexibility and scalability allowed Grupo Lala to support its rapid expansion and drive operational excellence.

The power of mexican experts 

One of the reasons why Mexico is great to nearshore NetSuite jobs.

The number of certified NetSuite professionals in Mexico continues to grow steadily, with over 1000 certified experts in the country. These professionals possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement and configure NetSuite according to the unique requirements of businesses across industries. They excel in integrating NetSuite with other applications, such as CRM systems and e-commerce platforms, and customizing the software to align with specific business processes.

Employing Mexican NetSuite experts offers several advantages for companies in the US market. First, their bilingual proficiency allows for effective communication and collaboration between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking teams, facilitating seamless knowledge transfer and project execution. Second, the relatively lower labor costs in Mexico make hiring Mexican NetSuite professionals a cost-effective option for companies looking to access top talent without incurring exorbitant expenses. Lastly, the cultural understanding of the Mexican market and business landscape enables Mexican professionals to provide valuable insights and strategies for companies seeking to expand into Mexico or cater to the Mexican consumer base.

In conclusion, Mexico stands as a vibrant NetSuite hub, with a diverse range of enterprises, both big and small, harnessing the power of NetSuite to achieve growth and operational excellence. The Mexican NetSuite community, comprised of certified experts, possesses the necessary expertise and skills to implement, configure, and customize NetSuite according to business requirements. With their bilingual proficiency, cost efficiency, and cultural understanding, Mexican talent proves to be a valuable asset for companies operating in the US market.

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