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Build It is an online platform made to browse, Like, and Match hand-picked Experts. Connect with professionals and hire them instantly.

Start by registering the company that you're hiring for. Continue by creating and posting a job by manually entering its details or by uploading a document with its basic information such as hourly rate, job summary, and skills required for the job. Finish by browsing, filtering, and hiring Experts that match your job specifications.

Save time by matching only with interested and qualified parties. Select the 'Browse Experts' or 'Browse jobs' page and navigate through a curated list filled with potential professional matches.

Hit the like button on candidates and opportunities of your interest. If matched, you will unlock direct messaging features that allow you to examine an Expert or job offer further.

Once ready, recruiters and companies can directly hire Experts at the established job hourly rate. Both can then start collaborating remotely.

Experts are sent a job confirmation message when hired by a recruiter or company. If said job is accepted by the Expert, a hiring fee of $400 is made to the recruiter by Build It. Subsequently, weekly billings will be made at the established hourly rate by the Expert automatically.

Experts can then view their billings and connect their wallets to their bank accounts where they can withdraw their earnings.

As an Expert, you can customize your public profile by entering your experience, skills, projects, and more. Stand out to recruiters inside and outside of Build It.

At the top of your profile, there is a Profile Strength meter. Said meter will fill you in on sections that can be completed to strengthen your profile. Complete additional sections as needed with your professional details. Profiles must have at least a moderate profile strength to start appearing on recruiter searches.

Both recruiters and Experts can change their account information (private) inside their profile section.

You can view our Terms and Conditions, our User Agreement, and our Privacy Policy.
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